Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the library hours? 

A: The library is open:

  • Sundays – 2:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Tuesdays – 4:00 – 6:00 pm
  • Fridays – 1:30 – 3:30 pm (Summer only)

Q: On which holidays is the Library closed?

A: The Library will be closed on all Yomim Tovim.  We will communicate with members any changes in schedule via the website, email, and posted signs.

Q: Are there books for all ages?

A: We offer books for all children ages 2 and up.

Q: What if I lose my library card? 

A: You don’t have to worry, because we don’t have library cards! Your membership will be found using your name.

Q: Where do I park?  

A: Parking is permitted on any of the streets near the library.  Please don’t park in the driveway, or block any driveways. Please be considerate of the neighbors. 

Q: Can I request a book? 

A: At this time, we are not accepting requests, however we plan to add this feature in the near future.

Q: Can I put a book on hold? Is there a waiting list for books?

A: At this time, we cannot offer members the ability to reserve books.  We plan to offer this feature soon.

Q:  I heard you plan to have an online portal.  What is an online portal?

A: An online portal allows members to access the library’s catalog, renew, reserve and request books, check which books have been taken out, and when books are due.  We hope to launch this feature in the near future!

Q: Can my book be renewed? 

A: Yes, the library policy allows for one  renewal (for an additional two week period). This renewal must be made in person during library hours or by e-mailing the library (at 24 hours before the book is due, or if due on Sunday, before Shabbos.  The email must include the adult member’s full name and the Title and Author of the book. If the email does not include all of the required information, or is not received in time, the book may not be renewed and late fees will apply.

Q: Can I return my books when the library is closed? 

A: Yes! There is a book drop box located adjacent to the library entrance and books may be returned to the drop box during any hours the library is closed. Books should not be placed in the drop box during library hours.  Books that are left in the drop box are only checked-in at the start of the next scheduled library open day.  If the books placed in the book drop are overdue, late fees apply for the days that they are in the book drop until the next open date.

Q: What happens if I damage a book?

A: Any damage that occurs, including torn pages, torn cover, writing on pages, is the responsibility of the member and a charge will be assessed TBD by library staff as needed.  Damage repairs may not be made by members, but rather library staff must be informed of the damages at the time of return.  Please do not tape or repair the book independently. A replacement fee will be assessed for items damaged beyond repair.  Parents/legal guardians assume responsibility for the condition of items checked out by anyone listed on their membership account.

Q: What happens if I lose a book?

A: A charge will be assessed for lost items.  Please see the library policy for pricing.

Q: What are the late fees and how do I pay them?

A: Please see our policy for more details regarding late fees.  All fees may be paid in person at the library.

Q: Can my kids come to the library on their own?  

A: Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling/escort above the age of 14. 

Q: If I see a book in the drop box that I want as I am returning my books, can I take it and bring it back next time? 

A: No! Please be aware that all books that are placed in the drop box are not checked in until the next library opening, and therefore may not be taken by another member.  This will cause undue fees to accumulate for another member.

Q: Does the Library offer any programming for kids? 

A: Not yet, but we hope to! 

Q: What is the difference between the Membership levels?  

A: Each level allows members to take up to a certain number of books out at a time.  The Basic Level allows for 5 books at a time, the Intermediate 10 books, and the Expanded 15 books.

Q: What does it mean “5/10/15 books checked out at a time”?  

A: This is the maximum number of books that can be checked out under one membership account at any time.  

Q: Does that mean I can come Sunday and check out 5 books, and then come Tuesday and check out 5 more books?  

A: No.  The Basic Membership allows a total of 5 books to be checked out in the system to one membership account at any given time.  Only when books are returned, may more books be taken out.

Q: Does that mean that I can check out 5 books and my daughter can check out 5 books when she goes?

A: No.  Only 5 books total may be checked out under one membership at any point in time.  

Q: Who is Miriam of the Nishmas Miriam Jewish Children’s Library?

A: She was a loving mother and grandmother whose family wanted to honor her by dedicating the library in her name.

Q: Why does the donate page take me to the Agudath Israel of Ohio?  

A: The library is a project of the Agudath Israel of Ohio.

Q: Can I donate books?

A: Yes!  We accept books in excellent condition that fit the criteria of the Library.  

Do you have a question that you don’t see answered here? Please email us with any questions or for more information at